Our destiinations
Mystery & Charm
Marrakech « Red Pearl »
Morocco is named after this legendary town which is one of its four imperial cities. A genuine and unspoilt place.
The famous Jemaa El Fna is a medieval world where, day and night, storytellers, shopkeepers and snake charmers vie for your attention. Mischievous monkeys will accost you. You will be able to see the splendid minaret of the Koutoubia mosque.
Discover Marrakesh's very varied neighbourhoods, gardens, and prestigious monuments at your own rhythm.
Everything from timeless tradition to contemporary luxury is to be found without limits in Marrakesh.
Marrakesh enables you to spend merry, savoury and speculative nights in an unfailingly hospitable setting. Pubs, restaurants and nightclubs await you...
Marrakesh is a destination favourable for business. The facilities are in the forefront for comfort and our environment can bond your teams!
Agadir « Sun & Sand »
Agadir is the leading Moroccan seaside resort thanks to its long beach and its exceptional amount of sunshine. An accessible destination all year round.
Modern and contemporary, Agadir is also a town which is marked by Berber history and traditions.
Relaxation, rest and well-being are on the agenda at Agadir, where the sun is never far away. An idyllic beach with permanently good weather.
Golf, water sports, excursions to fantastic scenery and cultural events, Agadir's program of activities will satisfy those hoping to have an active and enriching stay.
Casinos, nightclubs, restaurants - a complete range of nightlife is on offer. Make the most of it before the sun returns.
Agadir has facilities at your disposal which are perfectly suited to your professional meetings. We can offer you a wide range of activities to relax and bond employees for the long term.
Dream & Nature
Southern Morocco « Natural pleasures »
A boomtown, Ouarzazate, with its film industry and heritage, is a resort in its own right : a restful stopping place.
Ouarzazate reveals all its riches: its architectural heritage is every bit as abundant as its natural heritage.
There are many novel ways to discover the Southern Morocco: luxury bivouacs or ancestral ceremonies, underground or palm grove visits.
The sand dunes and the myriads of roses will make you recover your serenity.
There is no shortage of incentive event offers! Whether it is an adventure seminar or the organisation of a conference, Southern Morocco is the ideal venue.
Leisure & Well-being
Chefchaouen « Beautiful Blue »
Blue lime-washed houses, busy squares, steep alleyways, the best way to discover this holy town is to wander around it taking in the atmosphere.
This peaceful city is not a museum: here, the traditional crafts are still thriving!
The forests, nature parks and soufi culture provide an image of Morocco that is still little known of.
Let yourself be seduced by its authentic charm.
Essaouira « Wild Beauty »
Essaouira is a captivating place. Its ramparts, the sea breeze, the immaculate beach and the tranquillity are an unforgettable experience.
A compact fortified port town, Essaouira is easy to visit. Its treasures, specialities and views are accessible within a few minutes and the clean atmosphere will transport you to another world.
Essaouira has the particularity of being both a remarkable fortified maritime citadel and a comfortable seaside resort that fulfils all of the holidaymaker's expectations.
There are many festivals in Essaouira of which most known are the festival of « Gnaouas » at the end of June, the festival of « Alisées » in May of classical music, the festival of « Andalousies Atlantiques » in November.
Culture & Tradition
Fez « Artistic City »
The entire medina has been designated Unesco World Heritage of Humanity Site. Wander through its souks and alleys which are unchanged since the Middle Ages.
Fès El Bali (Fès the Ancient) dates from the 11th century while Fès El Jedid (Fès the New) dates from the 13th century. Each houses treasures which will leave you with unforgettable memories.
The treasures of Fès are wonderfully preserved making it a fascinating artistic and cultural centre.
The treasures of Fès are wonderfully preserved making it a fascinating artistic and cultural centre.
Fès and its vicinity is a destination where you will learn much while enjoying yourself.
Fès will more than satisfy companies wishing to be acquainted with Moroccan culture whether they plan to visit for business or pleasure.
An exhaustive destination for incentive events where the finesse of Moroccan culture can be known.
Casablanca « A crossroad of cultures »
Casablanca is a modern city with a rich heritage where the various arts, cultures and old traditions can live harmoniously together.
From the esplanade of the great Hassan II mosque to the greyhound track stands, without forgetting the marabout's island, Casablanca charms, amuses and surprises the visitor.
Beaches and hotel complexes have been developed along most of the Atlantic coast for the great benefit of Moroccans and tourist alike.
Since the thirties, Casablanca has always had a very lively nightlife. This festive spirit has now spread to the nearby seaside resorts.
Cosmopolitan Casablanca: a true tradition of having fun or relaxing on the terrace of a café.
Casablanca offers all the activities that are necessary for a team to work or to relax together.
Rabat « Capital Elegance »
With serenity and refinement, Rabat offers its gentle pleasures of life to romantic strollers and lovers of cultural and festive visits.
Roman, Andalusian, or Merinides, Rabat's precious heritage is what gives it its unique character.
For cultural and sports events alike, the Moroccan capital will delight you: it has all the advantages of a large holiday resort city.
From picturesque traditional shops in ultra modern shopping centres to international luxury stores, Rabat offers a thousand and one ways to go about one's shopping.
From the high-tech centre to the riad in the medina, from golf to parachuting, Rabat possesses all of the key advantages for hosting and leading a business seminar.
Destinations in vogue
Saadia « The Splendour of the Mediterranean »
The blue pearl of Morocco, Saidia, is in the process of modernising so that you will soon be able to take advantage of the turquoise Mediterranean, its 14-km beach and splendid surrounding countryside.
Saidia is a new generation of resort that holds on to its Moroccan charm. Stroll under the mimosa and eucalyptus trees that line the beach, sunbathe freely and, above all, dive into the turquoise water inviting you to relax.
Saidia combines the advantages of a seaside resort dedicated to rest, relaxation and sport. Well maintained beaches, protected natural environment and shaded parks.
Don't limit yourself to Saidia's magnificent beach: take advantage of the whole region, its surprising landscapes, its culture and its all-new 18-hole golf course.
Dakhla « Between Sea & Desert »
On the Atlantic coast, in the south, there is a magical bay. Between dunes and waves, live in harmony with a nature which is full of secrets.
Dakhla was founded in 1884 at the mouth of the Rio de Oro by the Spanish. At the time it was called Villa Cisneros. This small fishing port is on the edge of a magnificent lagoon with turquoise waters.
A paradise for fishermen, divers and surfers, Dakhla is the unspoilt spot south of Morocco. To be discovered ahead of everyone else!